now sold

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now sold

Postby shaunrs1981 » Sat May 18, 2013 5:22 pm

here we have for sale is this xr3 with a difference its the ultimate sleeper was built and maintained by jano from oddkiddcreations this car has been mag featured twice once in fastford sept 2009 tuner wars 2 and fast ford march 2010 there is loads of vids off this car on youtube and oddkiddcreations channel. only selling this to the other half see it as a deposit for a house that and i have 5 other cars that enough about me spec is as follows

this car just had new ina tappets alloy crank pully ina water pump and gaskets cambelt and tensioner kit new plugs at the cost of over £700

engine 205 block with 0.5 mahal pistons cossie crank and rods mated to a 4x4 head 2wd inlet manifold and 4x4 exhaust manifold with a t34 turbo and .63 housing has a 3 bar map sensor and twin ignition amps with gray injectors and a coil pack approx 400bhp at 28psi of boost little rocket. also has 4x4 fuel rail and regulator car also has 2 fuel pumps has a facet in the boot with tank and swirl pot and a high pressure pump under the car also has a custom pace front mount intercooler and a fiesta rs turbo rad and large fan this car never gets too hot car has a mk4 escort loom inside and a 4x4 cossie engine loom with a large cosworth p8 ecu already has the wiring for antilag if wonted to put back on has 2wd vibratec engine mounts engine bay has samco and braided hoses also has some under bonnet bling has stainless header tank bailey catch and tank and bailey water swirl pot also stainless map sensor bracket and bonnet stay and a chrome coil pack bracket.

transmission 2wd t5 cossie gearbox with custom 3" single piece propshaft and 7.5" diff with guard ap 4 paddle clutch with std pressure plate never had this slip on me with std set up escort peddle box.

suspension koni rear shocks with ballistic front coilovers and adjustable front tca and 2wd front cross member cossie hubs and full cosworth rear beam and hubs with uprated rear beam bushes

wheels escort cosworth 8j wheels 215 40 16 rear tyres with good year eagle f1 and 205 40 16 fronts with prada spec 2

brakes cosworth 2wd front and rear groved discs and red stuff pads also has wilwood brake bias valve all brake lines are braided and run through the car

body is the german built one better over the british made steel with a series 1 turbo body kit with custom grill rear pop out rear windows with number plate etching on all apart from front has smoked rear lights and clear fronts also has strut brace front and back

inside the car it has a mk4 escort dash with clocks and has recaro half leather seats with a sapphire cosworth steering wheel petrol tank and swirl pot and pump in boot has manual windows and mirrors a toad alarm series 2 carpet with custom centre piece. price is £7000 :(
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Re: escort cosworth

Postby creator » Sat May 18, 2013 6:30 pm

Shame your selling shaun :( love this motor.
Proper bargain for someone this cant belive how cheap
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Re: escort cosworth

Postby shaunrs1981 » Sat May 18, 2013 7:35 pm

alright mate i think its a fair price for the state of the economy at the moment and got the other half on my back for how many cars i got at the moment she see it as a deposit for a house only been on ebay for seven minutes and all ready been bid on shame i know but you never know i might get somethink else latar on
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