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efi weber converted inlet

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:36 pm
by StuDaBear
As my cvh will be on the way out of the bay in the coming months, I'm wondering what the inlet set up should fetch.

Cvh efi inlet converted by jano for cossie throttle body
Cossie 4x4 modded throttle body
Jano's linkage set up
Fuel rail
Very low mileage BLACK pf09 tps purchased from harvey gibbs scs (probably have receipt somewhere and can back up the low miles by mot certificates
Fully working issue free iscv
Also have the charge carrier pipe thats been smoothed and polished, could do with another polish, it also has a dump valve take off.
Should still have cossie 4x4 standard blue injectors somewhere.

So all in all a decent chunk of a cossie management conversion. :P