my xr3

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my xr3

Postby paul21 » Tue May 27, 2008 8:36 pm

contemplateing seeling my project due to a little 1 on the way an increasing work commitments i just dont have the time to work on it,to be honest i haven't even seen it for about 5 months!!!!

see the car here ... 785265c6df

the car has got a set of konis,safety devices roll cage (half),fiesta turbo engine with work done,new head gasket (ford),head bolts (ford),new belt tensioner (ford),a t3 (needs recon),t34 mint no play,bigger mondeo brakes,

these wheels ... 785265c6df

the inlet manifold etc is ready for cossie,comes with all sensors brackets etc but no loom or ecu

got 2 4" outward full exhaust systems both in good condition,a full set of poly bushes (new,most still in boxes),16i anti roll bar fitted,s1 anti roll bar,spare s1 gearbox,non lsd box fitted,grs intercooler (brand new),s1 petrol tank,cossie fuel pump,harnesses,rear strut brace

and probably a load more bits an bobs i cant think of at the moment!!!

would rather get rid of it all in 1 go but if i get no interest ill take the time to bust it an sell it seperatly

iv got my eye on something else,thats why im keeping the loom,p8 etc :wink:
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Re: my xr3

Postby glenns2 » Tue May 27, 2008 9:44 pm

well come up with a figure pal as im interested :D
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